Let’s move away from these words.

#BeDifferent #EmpowerFamilies Here is a news flash.  Words matter. A few weeks ago, I was at the healthclub using the childcare to take care of some paperwork.  I overheard two women discussing autism.  My first thought…this word is either increasing in social significance for everyone OR it’s following me. Well more people joined the conversation,…

Changing the Face of ABA

It’s scary setting out on your own, but know what is scarier? Continuing to work for an agency that you don’t believe in.

I was brought into the world of ABA by Momentum’s founder and partner, Landria Green. She and I met back in 2014 shortly after both of us found ourselves re-located to Michigan, separately. Together, we found that we shared vision.

The Magic is not in Play. It’s in the Teaching.

Why Teaching Play is important at all levels Yesterday after presents were opened, I watched my daughter look at her play kitchen and happily place and stack items in different compartments.  This was her basic play interaction and fascination with a new toy.  But, as I watched, I realized (again) that play is not magical. …