Unleash your child's Social

Super Power

Conversation Skills. Self-Advocacy. Behavior Skills Training. 

Social Fluency.

SuperKids participate in group based learning fun, role-plays based on age, height, skill level, and need. Learners are seen in groups one to twice weekly or a three day per week summer intensive. Participants work on concepts with age appropriate activities in an effort to increase social ability for improved peer to peer social navigation and savvy.  

 Social coaches are speech-language pathologists, counselors, and ABA Therapists.

1. We conduct an Assessment of Skills:

Social Skills, Self-Help Skills, Cooperation and Flexibility, Emotional Regulation, Problem Solving, Conversation, Vocabulary, and Comprehension 

2. Goals are Established for your Child with a timeline for achievement

3. Your Child is Placed in a Group and 1:1 program (if needed) to focus on their Social Needs

How To Get Started

Program Offerings

Enroll Your Child

Insurances and some Medicaids Accepted.  Private Pay Accepted. 

1. Call us or complete inquiry form

2.Let us get the authorization and understand benefit coverage

3. We schedule your child's assessment date for the program

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