Learning and Tutoring Services

Momentum provides in-home and in-center tutoring (telehealth is an option) for early learners, school-age , and highschool students who experience learning challenges in academic areas that include literacy and reading fluency, math, vocabulary, and written expression. These services are supportive for individuals with

  • Undiagnosed Learning Delays
  • ADHD
  • Executive Dysfunction
  • Dyslexia
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilties
  • Language Disorders

We measure our effectiveness based upon 50 sessions within a regularly scheduled frame of attendance. Our Learning Specialists and ABA Coaches have minimally a bachelors degree and utilize Standard Celeration Data charting and methodologies to teach your child fluency, track progress, and teaching effectiveness.

FastForWord family of programs can be used as part of your child’s program. We highly recommend its use as part of a focus on improving attention and cognitive training.

Tutoring services are not billed to any insurance provider and billed directly to the parent on a monthly basis.


Enrollment in the Tutoring program includes a pre-test (inventory of academic skills and review of IEP records): $275

  • Twice per week (2 – 45 minute sessions per week) $225/month
  • Three Times per week (3 – 45 minute sessions) $275/month
  • Adding Fast ForWord (daily program at home with monitoring) $125 per month
  • Fast ForWord only $175 per month

Tutors travel within an assigned area to reduce travel and mileage burden