How To Enroll With Momentum Therapy

We try to make enrolling in our programs as seamless as possible. At anytime, you would interact with our Site Leads, Admin Staff, or Executive Director during the enrollment process.

  1. Complete the intake form here.
  2. We will contact you via phone and email to gather more information.
  3. We will obtain authorization for services, if needed
  4. Once authorized, you will be scheduled for the initial evaluation
    • After speaking on the phone, you will directed to review and sign our company policies (billing, attendance, and communication) once your evaluation time is confirmed.

Getting on our Therapy Schedule and Waitlists

As a practice, we do not appreciate waitlists. Our philosophy is families are in need and our job is to provide services and not excruciating wait times to begin services. Here is how we work:

  1. Our ABA treatment schedules are set one month in advance. For example, by January 15th, our treatment schedule is complete for the month of February. This means if your child’s evaluations and assessments is conducted in January, you will be either on our February or March treatment schedule depending on the the date of completion of the assessment.
  2. Assessments can look like treatment in terms of time. Our ABA Assessments are 4-6 hours long and conducted over two to three days. Assessments are scheduled throughout the year and typically within three weeks from the day you submitted all paperwork (signed policies, reports, etc.) .
  3. After you submit all required documentation, we work with our billing team to complete authorization.
  4. We do require a nonrefundable registration ‘hold my place’ fee to secure your child’s assessment date.