Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA President and Chief Clinical Officer

It is important to me that the needs of people, in particular the woman – therapist are understood.  I am like many women in that I appreciate my career and love my family.  I need a workplace that understands the complexities that the woman therapist feels: servant-therapist-leader.  I created what I needed and have gathered like minded people to join our team.  The success of Momentum is based upon creating the right fit and recognizing when something is not.  Our business culture is one that extends grace, flexibility, communication, strong infrastructure, process-efficiency, and technology  I believe in miracles.  I love data and the story that it tells. I think therapy should be great every time.  I believe everyone should have Momentum.

Elizabeth H. Carr, MA., LPC, NCC Chief Operating Officer

As a mental health therapy provider it has proven difficult to find a work place that successfully assists a therapist balance their desire to help others, while supporting their own personal and professional goals for growth. As a part of the Momentum team, my mission is not only to create an inclusive work place that motivates,  teaches, and encourages each team member to grow their passion for helping others.  Our mental health support  is an integral part of what sets us apart and puts us ahead of the pack providing our families, partners, and staff with the Momentum they need to improve their quality of life.

Our Leadership Also includes:

Clinic Director (BCBA) and Team Development – Georgia

This position is responsible for supervising and developing the team in the Georgia region.  Our Georgia Director has a minimum of a Master’s Degree, certification as a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and has held clinical and operational leadership roles with at least seven years experience as a leader.  This position directly supervises our Assessment Teams, JumpSTART ABA Teams, HomeABA Teams, and Speech, OT, and Counseling.

Regional Clinical Supervisor(s) -BCBA – Michigan

This position serves as a member of the Assessment Team and provides supervision and training to the JumpSTART and Home ABA Teams.  Our BCBAs in this role carry a caseload of direct intervention to support continuous implementation and engagement with clients and families.

Family Service Coordinator(s)

This position conducts intakes and supports the coordination of services.  Our FSC team is a first level responder to our clients and therapists in scheduling.

Lead ABA Trainer(s)

Each assigned region within each state served has a Lead ABA Trainer.  This position is responsible for assisting new therapist onboard with families.  This position is integral for the ABA Trainee.  Our Lead ABA Trainer provides 1:1 direct intervention for our clients for 6-8 weeks to support the JumpSTART ABA therapy and in making sure that colleagues are implementing treatment and adhering to treatment integrity procedures.   The Lead ABA Therapist serves as a backup to the HomeABA team so that services are less likely to be missed due to therapist absences.  This position is a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and must be enrolled in a related graduate program.