ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy is offered for individuals as young as two years old through the age of 18. Our organization focuses heavily on behavior change programs by reducing challenging behaviors (if present) and emphasizing social development, social flexibility, communication, cognitive skill development. Enrollment in our program is ongoing. Programs are individualized for each learner regardless of age and include RBT (Registered Behavior Technicians), ABA Learning Coaches (MA level), and Program Supervisors (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). Parent Coaching and Meetings are required twice per month with Program Supervisors.

ABA Program Offerings

BUSY BEES – ages 2 through 6. This program is center or home based based upon availability. Programs focused on communication, play skills, early learning cognitive skill building, and social development.

AFTERSCHOOL ABA SCHOOL AGE – It is highly recommended that this program is center based. Homeprograms will be accepted based upon availability.

AFTERSCHOOL ABA TEENS – This is a center, home, and community based ABA program focusing on development of self, coping skills, communication, job and college readiness, and relationships. Our ABA program for Teens is co-led by ABA staff and Counseling staff. Parent and Sibling support and training are strong components of this program.

Additional Programs Include

  • Feeding and Picky Eating (4 week JumpStart Program)
  • Group Based Parent Training and Coaching Program (3 sessions)
  • Individual Parent Coaching