The ABA PlayBook

Creating a Playbook of Support and for Staff and Clients

At Momentum, we have created a playbook that outlines what we will do proactively to support our clients and staff. Today, our CEO met with other therapy providers to share this information and provide some collaborative guidance and gain feedback. We have included our Playbook here.

Bottom Line:

  1. We will continue to monitor the news and medical information
  2. We will implement hourly handwashing protocols
  3. Toy cleaning protocols are in effect with more frequency throughout the day
  4. Our Site leadership is meeting with clinic and office staff for implementation and ongoing monitoring of this plan
  5. Sick people (staff and clients) stay home until they are all clear.
  6. Sanitize our work spaces and common areas
  7. We will continue to see clients and in earlier timeslots allowing our staff to work and also attend to their families.

Here is a downloadable copy of our ABA Playbook

In Partnership,

Landria Seals Green, CEO

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