Changing the Face of ABA

It’s scary setting out on your own, but know what is scarier? Continuing to work for an agency that you don’t believe in.

I was brought into the world of ABA by Momentum’s founder and partner, Landria Green. She and I met back in 2014 shortly after both of us found ourselves re-located to Michigan, separately. Together, we found that we shared vision – affordable, reliable, quality services for children and families were hard to find, and we knew we could deliver. Landria would spend the next few years beginning to build what is now one of the fastest growing ABA agencies in Michigan and Georgia.

While I admit, my part of Momentum, while closely related, is not ABA. I like to think of Momentum’s counseling department as ABA adjacent. In fact I’ve grown to learn over the last year how much ABA and mental health counseling have not only in common, but in compliment of each other. Mental health wrap around is just one of the aspects of Momentum Therapy Services that set’s us apart; one of the shared visions that Landria and I share. Our families need more than ABA, Metrix and Data. They need an outlet, a support structure, a sounding board. The Momentum Team is integrated, and our families need that.

Speaking of support structure – Momentum’s support structure for our families begins construction during the first contact. Our team of therapist’s function as behavioral change architects; imagining, sketching and erecting a program unique to each family’s needs. Now, while every agencies implementation of ABA services probably (or should) looks like this – Momentum’s has a tiny twist that puts us in front of the curve. The structure that we create for our families, is built to be re-built, re-imagined and re-implemented again and again. Our goal is to improve each family’s ability to manage more of their family’s needs autonomously. We’re in the business of implementing change, not encouraging stagnation.  As a service provider, a mental health service provider I believe if you’re not trying to work yourself out of a job – you’re not doing it right.

It can be challenging walking the walk – this is aspect number tres that sets Momentum apart. Momentum was founded by a hard-working Mom (and BCBA and SLP by the way) FOR other hardworking parents who have found it challenging balancing family responsibilities with professional responsibilities. Doing what is right for family, increasing quality time, minimizing the stress and pumping up the problem-solving skills is what Momentum’s mission is founded on – and that mission is no different for our team. Momentum is virtual, mobile and run by two bad-ass chicks with the goal of creating a place that everyone wants to work and work hard.

We’re working our tails off metro-Detroit (and greater Atlanta too!) to bring our families what they deserve – support they can count on. Be the change right? RIGHT!



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