Preparing Children before Harm Happens.

superkidsIt’s true.     Harm.     It’s tough.   It leaves you raw and helpless.   Bullying.  Friendship Challenges.  It’s all heart wrenching.  And let’s not talk about the harm of physical and sexual inappropriateness…it’s all too much.

We have conversations with our kids about stranger danger adults or not letting an adult touch them inappropriately…but we miss the conversation about children harming children…physically or emotionally.  It’s all still harm.

And let me tell you it’s devastating.  You want to protect your child, be everywhere all the time, but things happen.

Our family recently had to deal with this and the mediocre response of the school.  As a professional, I was disappointed that trusted people would do less than nothing and not focus on eyeing truth and implementing real change.  As a parent, I was raw.  And then I put both of those people together and said…I need something and I know other parent’s do as well.

There is a population of children with limited language or expanded verbosity who need to practice social skills, self-advocacy, and conversation skills where they DON’T sit round robin in a nicely bundled group.  These children, along with parents, deserve real discussion and role-playing that can mirror the playground, recess, and the real social world children contend with daily.  There is a population of children and parent’s who need a place to know what to do before anything happens, to learn how to develop authentic relationships.

We created SuperKIDS.

I thought about what I needed as a parent and knew you would need it too.

SuperKIDS is for Pre-K to 13 year olds.  Separated into their age appropriate groups with instruction and the putting it into practice on the same day.  A place where they can talk, think, plan, problem solve, play, and project, and get the tools needed to boldly develop their social selves.

The Social Group experience created by Momentum because all of our children need social instruction, social practice, and opportunities to build fluency.  Our team of BCBAS, SLPs, Counselors,  ABA Therapists, and Social Workers are working collaboratively to address all the areas of what it means to be social.

This program is pretty personal.  My kids will be in the groups because our family needs SuperKids!

First day, come with your Superhero costume and let’s focus on being Super!

Our Winter Session Groups (6 weeks) will be in Canton/Plymouth and Farmington Hills  and start after Thanksgiving.  We will accept BCBSM and BCN insurances or $350 per 6 week.  A one-time intake fee of $75.00 will be required to enroll at the time of the social intake.

Let’s Empower Again!

Landria Seals Green, MA., CCC-SLP, BCBA


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